Thursday, 29 July 2010

New Rides And THI3TEEN

Just Things Going Around:
Rumour: Sonic Spinball May be sold or Moved to another Theme Park
The Park Suggests a New Entrence to the Theme park

The Drop in THI3TEEN is 5ft. It was Built Under Complete secrecy. The Drop is 99% safe as a Video has Been Found with Senior Members of Staff from Alton Towers testing the Drop to see if it was safe for the UK to Ride at the Theme Park.
THI3TEEN was ment to be a Family Ride with no aim to be a Thrill Ride. The Ride is Getting more Popular by the Day and Capacity is Reaching 1440 People Every Hour. Alton Towers has Said They will not be adding Anything else To THI3TEEN

Rumours of a New Ride(Not Happening):
Some People Might Remember seeing on the Web about Cross Vally Wooden Coaster plans Were made for A Cross Vally Wooden Coaster to be Built, But then Later Alton Towers withdrew the Plans
Reasons why The Towers Withdrew the Plans:
1) The Wooded RollerCoaster would be Unsuitable for the Theme Park, A Survey was Done and a Large Morjority of People Said it would be unsafe to ride the RollerCoaster
2) If it was Built it would have highest Drops in the World, What might Make people feel Not Safe as If wood Brakes the Ride could Break and the Trucks Flown off with them in
3) The Park is Now investagating into Creating one of these,With a Steel Coaster,Where to put the RollerCoaster would be a major issue

Future Plans:
Alton Towers this Year is Focused on the Family and The Black Hole Tent might Even get an attraction, John Wardley Said there in Development of A White Knuckle RollerCoaster with height Limit of 1.4m and Revealed that they Are going to Make Sercert Weapon 7, THI3TEEN is SW6,SW7 Will not be Wooden RollerCoaster as Merlin will Not invest in a Ride what People wouldnt want to Ride, They are aiming it to Open 2013/2014 the same mount of time they had to plan SW6, It is Very Unlikely it will be in the Black Hole Tent, Rumours Say the Ride could be a B&M, It will have a Minmum Height Restriction will be 1.4m 2 more M than THI3TEEN and Will be a Thrill Ride! No Major Rides will be Built this Year a small Family ride is being looked at!,If the ride was going to be Built Details would have been Reavealed, As we are close to 2011 it looks Very unlikely, The Black Hole Tent is planned to come into a Possible Future Project, The Development is likely to be in 2012. So this Means it would open after SW7,The Next SW7 planning is set to kick off in 3 weeks time! The Ride is Next one after THI3TEEN the Ride Should be Built around 2013-2014 it will probs be Built in 2014 No Secrets have Been Revealed about the Ride.

SW7 is Planing to open in 2014,

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